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Second “Give Back Day” this Saturday


Aloha Everyone,

A big thank you to the 7 other gardeners who came out and helped with two community projects, weeding the pathways and starting the Children’s Garden earlier today for the Wednesday Give Back Day.

We have over 120 active gardeners who all need to participate in community hours every month.  These hours are best utilized in a group to accomplish the big projects we have for the garden, it would  be great to get our toilet functioning soon, among other projects.  Please do come out this Saturday March 31st from 8am – 11am for the group work day.

We need you!  Saturday March 31st 8am- 11am


Linda Kubit

Garden Council Member

Starting the Community "Children's Garden" Give Back Day 3/28/12
We cleared two large areas of weeds, tilled the soil and added compost.


Moisture Update


Aloha Gardeners!

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning out there. Just a quick update from the garden about moisture. We had a good rain yesterday leaving the garden nice and wet. I just came from the garden where my feet were caked in red clay by the time I left. Plants are looking happy and moist. More than likely you can skip watering for today, we want to save water when we can.

Have a great day and happy gardening.

Give Back Days


Aloha everyone…

This week marks the end of the month and our scheduled “Give Back Days” or Community Work Days the last Wednesday and Saturday of the month from 8am- 11am.  Individual tasks for those who are unable to attend the group day are listed on our “Give Back Days” page from the menu above.   Even if your community hours are met for the month your participation is appreciated.  Please remember to log your individual tasks hours on the Give Back page comments.

Please join us Wednesday March 28th and Saturday March 31st 8 AM – 11 AM

… put a little community into the Napili Community Garden

All of this rain has left the area around us so green... quite inspiring for all of us growers.

Please remember to take some time to review the rules and by-laws of the garden which are now posted here on the site.  It takes a whole effort from everyone to make our garden work.  We also welcome your comments here to share with everyone.  If you have items to donate to the garden or other concerns please email us at

Happy Gardening!

Linda Kubit – Garden Council Member

Water Outage


Unfortunately the water is currently off in the garden due to a broken pipe up the hill. We expect it to be back on Monday. We apologize for the inconvenience to everyone, but this is all just part of a grass roots organization.

If you notice anything in the garden that shouldn’t be, please comment here on the website or contact Linda Kubit directly at

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for rain, and a rainbow…

We love the rainbows here because they mean lots of good moisture.

Aloha Gardeners


Aloha Everyone,

This is the brand new Napili Community Garden Website!  It may take a little time for me to build everything up to standards, so please bare with me for a few weeks.  Our beautiful garden is a learning opportunity for us all.  This is now the official website for the garden to which all council members have access and will be able to post to.

I would like this website to be a center to open up the community to itself.  I want to post your stories about growing, all the good and bad.  Together we are changing all of our lives for the better.  So please feel free to email me your stories at for now until I figure out a way to create a forum.

Some basic information that will help clear up some recent questions:

  • New Orientations will be held in May for new gardeners who are interested in joining the garden.  An area for new member inquiries will be created on this website soon.   For now please email
  • All gardeners are required to park in the parking lot.  The area near our stone wall is for DROP OFF ONLY.  The council will discuss parking alternatives for our less mobile members, but for now we ask that you please park in the parking lot.  After you unload your heavy load please move your vehicle to the lot.  Mahalo
  • We are an organic garden, please do not use any un-organic chemicals to treat your plot.  If you are in question please visit before buying or applying your product.
  • Water lines are to be divided by a 4 way faucet manifold (available at Ace or Home Depot) and then a hose to your own plot with your drip line or hose.  No fixtures are to be built on to the provided water line.  Even if you have seen this in the garden please do not create one for yourself.  The council is working to correct the amendments to the water lines.
  • Please return all tools to the shed when you are finished using them.  Only the gardening tools are to be used, the PVC and construction material is for our on site Composting Commode and water lines.
  • The Composting Commode is not operational now!  Please do not use it.  If you have plumbing skills please email to help us complete this problem.

We are working to create a more open community communication, please just give us newbies some time to get it together.


Linda Kubit

Garden Council Member