Water Back On


Aloha Gardeners,

The water is back on this evening.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Just a few reminders:

  • Please do not walk on the pipes as a walkway.  We strongly encourage you to weed the pathway all around your plot to create walkways on all 4 sides of the plot. Please sickle or cut the grass at the base to keep roots in our soil.
  • Return all garden tools to the shed when finished using them.  They will rust and break if just left out, plus no one likes a rake to the face from stepping on it accidentally.
  • New plot requests are being handled by emailing napiligarden@gmail.com on a first come first serve basis.  Orientations will start in May for the new gardeners.  James will be organizing the orientations.
  • Please do not use the “Compost Commode ” it is not yet functioning!  We are trying to work on this, if you have plumbing skills please email napiligarden@gmail.com
  • Please lock the parking lot gate if you are the last gardener to leave.  If  you are the first to arrive our code is 0911 the day the garden opened last year.  We have had issues with broken beer bottles in the parking lot if left open.
  • Please only park in the parking lot.  The area in front of our gate is for drop off only.

This website is forum for open communication.  If you have ideas you would like to share please post them as a comment after any post.  If you  have a story you would like to share as a posting for other gardeners to read please email lindakubit@gmail.com your story.  We all have so much to learn from one another.

Compost Opportunity-

There is an opportunity to buy quality compost from a farmer up the hill for $35 per yard.  He will deliver an entire truckload (around 15-20 yards) if we can gather enough gardeners for the order.  If you are interested please leave your info in a comment or email lindakubit@gmail.com.

Happy Gardening


We love our little visitors to the garden..


About napiligarden

We are a community organization of gardeners farming 180 individual plots to organically grow food for our families and community. Our mission is to cultivate a community rooted in sustainability by providing a place for cooperative organic gardening. The Napili Community Garden organizating council is made up of an active, enthusiastic and engaged group of gardeners who have been busy building infrastructure and have just formalized the structure and governance of our community organization. Ulupono Initiative has generously subleased a 3.6 acre of land just above Honoapi'ilani Hwy for use as the Napili Community Garden. The garden is located on former pineapple lands that have been out of production for a sufficient period of time to be eligible for organic certification.

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  1. “We strongly encourage you to weed the pathway all around your plot to create walkways on all 4 sides of the plot.” I have noticed some are doing this, and besides creating safer pathways it looks great! One idea to consider, particularly for those of us with plots on a slope, is to *cut* the grass or weeds, as with a sickle or weed-eater, rather than uprooting to bare earth. Naked red clay when wet can be a sort of greased toboggan-run, and even if you don’t slide around your shoes can pick up a lot of messy weight. Left in place, grass stubble can be like walking on a doormat.

    Aloha, –Mark

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