April Newsletter


Napili Community Garden – April 2012 Newsletter

Aloha!   Here is our update for the month of April.

The garden is really looking great, and thank you to everyone for all your hard work.  If you have any questions about the garden in general or your plots, please reach out to our email at napiligarden@gmail.com or our new website, https://napiligarden.wordpress.com/

  A few items for the month of April that we want to share with you:

1.     Our neighborhood gardens are coming along.  The first two will be an herb garden and a children’s garden.  Our third community garden will be a succulent garden, full of wonderful plants such as aloe, jade plant, and hen and chickens.  If anyone has interest in helping out with these three areas, please let us know, we are looking for a few people to help maintain these areas, and this would count towards your community hours at the garden.  Also, we are looking for a donation of a small children’s playground structure, small slide, or even a sand box, please email us if you have something along these lines. 

2.    Our next two work days will be Wednesday, April 25 or Saturday, April 28. We have lots of new projects, so please let us know if you can make it on one of these days.  Otherwise, always ask a council member (Anita, Marcia, Dave, Patty, James, Linda, John, or Yayoi) if would have questions about your community hours, we will be happy to help you.

3.    It has been brought to our attention that all the banana trees in the garden have a very strong root system.   The council has agreed, to help save our water infrastructure, that all banana trees in (double) plots, will have to be moved.  The trees need to be a minimum of five feet away from any water lines or PVC pipes.

4.    During our last council meeting, we voted on a few changes to our By-Laws, here are the changes.

–There will be a new position on the garden council:  Workday Coordinator.  This person will be voted in on the next ballot, and will be responsible for managing the community workdays and new projects.

–If any gardener breaks PVC water pipes while working on their plots, there will be a charge of $25 to cover the replacement costs. 

–Going forward, any alternative source of water must pre approved by the garden council.  This includes water storage tanks or hydroponics. 

–If you cut into any of the garden’s water lines or PVC pipe without authorization, there will be a fine of $50 and you may have your garden membership taken away.  Please do not alter the water infrastructure in any way.

— While any plot holder is eligible for running for the garden council, the two positions of chairperson and vice chairperson, will be reserved for a “current” council member to move up into.  If no current council member is interested in these two positions, then they will become open for any plot holder on the ballot.

–No sprinklers will be allowed in the garden.

5.   Reminder, please park in the appropriate area, unless you are loading or unloading supplies.  And please remember to lock up the parking area if you are the last one out in the evening, the code for the parking lot is 0911.

—Thank you so much for being part of our community garden.  The garden is looking wonderful!  Please reach out to any coucil member if you have any suggestions or ideas.   

– Anita


Additionally,  the Garden Council needs help to complete projects and work on some of our growing garden issues.  If you would like to be a part of this please email lindakubit@gmail.com.  The time you spend with us counts towards your community hours.

Thank you… Happy Gardening – Linda Kubit


About napiligarden

We are a community organization of gardeners farming 180 individual plots to organically grow food for our families and community. Our mission is to cultivate a community rooted in sustainability by providing a place for cooperative organic gardening. The Napili Community Garden organizating council is made up of an active, enthusiastic and engaged group of gardeners who have been busy building infrastructure and have just formalized the structure and governance of our community organization. Ulupono Initiative has generously subleased a 3.6 acre of land just above Honoapi'ilani Hwy for use as the Napili Community Garden. The garden is located on former pineapple lands that have been out of production for a sufficient period of time to be eligible for organic certification.

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