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Orientations Next Week (2012)


Those who have been interested in joining Napili Community Garden the Orientation dates have been set for:

JUNE 5th and JUNE 11th, 2012

James Lumpkin will be leading the orientations at the Napili Community Garden Parking Lot,  please see the directions tab at the top of the page if you haven’t been to the garden.  The Orientations will be held at both 8 AM and 5 PM on both days.  We strongly encourage everyone who is interested in a plot to attend these orientations, even if plots are not yet available.  Plots will be assigned in order of the wait list we have been compiling, if you have discussed interest in a plot or an extra one for a spouse, relative, or friend you are on our list and we would like you to send the new gardener to the orientation.  Please remember there is only one plot assigned for each person, we do not assign extra plots.

James is in the process of contacting gardeners on the wait list to schedule which orientation they can attend.  Please feel free to send James an email at to confirm which date you are attending , along with any questions you have.  New Gardeners are encouraged to review our rules and by-laws before attending orientation.  James can also be reached by phone before 2pm daily at 808-756-7605.

We are excited to welcome new members to the garden and look forward to seeing what they grow.



We Have Water Again!


Aloha everyone,

Great news, tonight the water came back on just after sunset.  So let the water fall on the plants again… especially on those seedlings.

If you are in the garden and notice the water off, a pipe breaking, or any other important matter please email or call Linda at   646-345-6627.  I would like to make everyone aware as quickly as I can.



Sugar Snap Pea Sprouts

Water Off in Garden


Aloha Gardeners,

I’m sorry to report that our water is off in the garden due to an issue with the water source further up the mountain.  The water may be off for a few days.  We recommend you haul water up to the garden to sprinkle  your crops.  

We are very sorry for the inconvenience this has on everyone.  I’m right there with you hauling my water on a moped.  I will update you here as soon as we know more.