Welcome New Gardeners

Aloha Gardeners,

We are welcoming new gardeners to the Napili Community Garden this month.  If you see someone new say hello and please help with any questions they may have.  We ask that everyone take the time to read the Rules and By-Laws,  on this website, to refresh themselves with the rules.

A few things to help the new gardeners:

Organic Management of Plots ONLY this means seeds too!  You can purchase organic seeds from many locations on Maui, just about anywhere seeds are sold there are organic options:

  1. Farmers Market Honokowai (a small nice selection of organic seeds at a great price
  2. Ace Hardware Lahaina (large selection a little pricey)
  3.  Home Depot/ Lowes/ Walmart
  4. Mana Foods (large selection at great prices)
  5. Kula Ace Hardware (large selection)
  6. Whole Foods

Additionally, you can order seeds online.  I encourage gardeners to organize themselves to save on shipping costs, please keep in mind some items cannot ship to Hawaii:

  1. http://www.groworganic.com  – Large number of seeds from CA.
  2. http://www.genericseeds.com  – Wide variety of seeds packets at low prices
  3. http://www.hanatropicals.com – Will sometimes have Hawaiian plants… located in Hana.
  4. http://www.forwindsgrowers.com – Stock organic dwarf lemon and lime trees will ship to Hawaii
  5. http://www.orchardhouseheirlooms.com – Heirloom vegetables and herb seeds  $3 shipping
  6. http://www.pinetreegardenseeds.com – Great price and quality
  7. http://www.highmowingseeds.com – Over 600 organic vegetables, herbs and flowers

Some other helpful links are:

  1. http://www.gardenforever.com
  2. http://www.organicgarderninfo.com
  3. http://www.organicgardeningguru.com
  4. http://www.davesgarden.com

Sometimes getting started in the garden can be difficult especially with the soil we have.  We recommend making some amendments to the soil to balance the PH our soil is rather acidic.  You can help this with planting nitrogen rich plants (like peanuts or beans), or by adding Dolomite (natural lime) available at Hawaii Growers in Kahalui  http://www.hawaiigrowerproducts.com/ .  They also have other great organic management options.

If you are interested in ordering compost that will be delivered to the garden via dump truck for $35 per cubic yard please send an email to lindakubit@gmail.com.  If you have already given your money for this there is an order placed which will be filled this week the farmer’s loading equipment broke (so this morning’s delivery is delayed).  A second order will be placed once Linda has the money in hand for at least 7 cubic -yards.  Compost is very helpful in making your food grow, it balances the soil and helps to make your existing soil even better.

One of our gardeners is renting a tiller to dig up that hard red dirt clay.  If you are interested in joining her on this rental please give Ute a call at 808-280-6464.

We look forward to seeing you in the garden!

Aloha- Linda


7 thoughts on “Welcome New Gardeners

  1. An OPPORTUNITY for members to offer INPUT and/or ASSISTANCE to our council! Our council chairperson disclosed to me this evening that the next council meeting will be held from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00a.m. at “The Coffee Store” near Napili Market on the other side of the highway from our gardens this coming Saturday, June 16th, AND THE MEETING WILL BE OPEN TO MEMBERS! I’m thinking that this will be an unprecedented opportunity for the membership to step up and assist our UNPAID, VOLUNTEER council. Hoping to see many of you at the meeting, Rae & I offer aloha to all.

    1. Only one gardener came to show support to the meeting. We are looking for new members to the council. All the council roles are listed in the By-laws. If you are interested in helping us out please review the roles and let us know via email to napiligarden@gmail.com which position. Voting for new council will take place in the beginning of July. We welcome everyone’s input even if you can not serve of the council. Mahalo

      1. Greetings, um, ah, “napiligarden” (a more uncommon pseudonym, or “false name” than “anonymous” I suppose, if that is worth anything to N “COMMUNITY” G).

        Thank goodness for that one member who did show up…he attended your meeting and was inspired to put in more than 6 hours the very next day spreading a deep, wide, smooth layer of wood-chips pretty much from one side of the garden to the other!

        Freddy, our fellow GENERAL-MEMBER gardener, you rock! Such an excellent show… Kudos!

        This is an excellent example of the sort of help our council can receive if/when GENERAL MEMBERS are included in the council’s planning and activities.

      2. It is indeed unfortunate that “Only one gardener came to show support to the meeting.” That is a very low rate of participation! What method does the council presently use to announce upcoming meetings so that general members might be encouraged to schedule their activities to allow attendance/support?

      3. You mention that, “Voting for new council will take place in the beginning of July.” How may general members like Rae and I know who is on the ballot so that we may meet with the candidates before the election to discuss their positions on issues and so forth so that we may make more informed and intelligent choices?

      4. Please see the post that was just made about the positions. Please also realize that I, Linda Kubit, am the current Digital Librarian (see description) yet acct as the part Vice Chairperson/ part Secretary/ part Orientation Manager/ Digital Librarian. So please bare with me as I try to organize things along with the few members left on the council.

      5. I am uncertain what you mean… you, “welcome everyone’s input” about what? When have you or will you welcome such? Where do you welcome such? How would one go about “inputting”?

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