Compost Order

Aloha Gardeners,

Tomorrow morning an order of compost is being delivered to the garden for those Gardeners who have paid Linda for compost. If you are interested in adding on to this order at the last minute there is still time. The compost is $35 per cubic yard, approximately 2 wheelbarrows worth.

To add to the order please send a PayPal payment for the amount you want to by 9am tomorrow. The compost will be delivered by 11am near the picnic tables.

If you did not pay for compost please leave it alone. If you take some you are stealing from those who paid. Please respect your fellow gardeners.



2 thoughts on “Compost Order

  1. Hi Linda,
    I would like to go in on some compost with possibly the new gardeners. Is there a way you could help me with that? Who providees the compost, do you have a phone number for them?

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