Monthly Archives: July 2012

Water outage


Aloha Gardeners,

Water is currently shut off to the garden to repair the break on our property. It will be a few days before we will once again have water. We apologize for the inconvenience. I will announce updates as they become available.

Additionally, orientation dates will soon be announced for early August. If you are interested in a plot or have a friend interested please email with the date you first requested a plot along with the size of plot you are interested in. If we have talked in the last month you are already on the list and no need to email. I do have a waiting list to sift through, but want to make sure I don’t miss any interested parties.



Monthly Garden Council Meeting


Aloha Gardeners,

We are holding our monthly Garden Council Meeting this Thursday July 26th at 9am. If you would like to attend please join us at the picnic tables outside the coffee shop near the Napili Market.

We welcome all members to attend especially any interested in joining the council. We need more council members to help with the garden leadership and growth. Please remember we reserve some time at the end of the meeting to address your concerns.

We are working on the water issues, but this will take some time. For now we are thankful for the water we do have.

We look forward to seeing you this Wednesday and Saturday for our Give Back Days from 8am – 11am. We need your help to work on projects for the garden. If you prefer to work on your own please email for an assignment. There is always plenty of weeding to be done especially on our pathways.


Water update


Aloha Gardeners.

Great news! The water is back on. However a leak on our system is holding back pressure. The water pressure will be quite low for right now. I’m thankful for the little pressure we do have. Please conserve water and take the time to fill up buckets on your plot for future water outage. The leak should be repaired next week.


Free Class for Gardeners

The Napili Community Garden is offering two free garden classes for all plot holders.  Lorraine Brooks, the Urban Horiculture extension agent with the University of Hawaii will be coming out to our garden to offer two free classes (maybe more!)
The current dates are Wednesday, July 11th from 9-10 at the garden, please meet up by the picnic tables.
Also, Wednesday August 1st from 9-10am as well.  The first class will be dealing with your specific questions (soil, composting, good bugs and bad bugs).  Please bring all your questions, nibbled leaves, or photos of your veggies.

Water will remain off


Aloha Gardeners

I’m sorry to report that the pipe has broken again up the mountain and we remain without water. Maui Land and Pine is working to fix it and I will update you as I know more. Please note this is the 3rd or 4th broken pipe from this break chain reaction.

Believe me I’m struggling with this too I have to balance water on my moped to water.

Aloha- Linda