Water is back on!

Aloha Gardeners,

The water is now back on in the garden.  Thank  you for your patience.

Also, we have been notified that Maui Land and Pine are starting to log in complaints about our gardeners parking on the dirt road.  PLEASE DO NOT PARK ON THE DIRT ROAD.  The ONLY parking that is allowed is inside the paved parking lot area that ML&P have donated to our use.  The first time you are found parking on the dirt road you licence plate will be noted.  The second time you are found parking on the dirt road, you be asked to leave the community garden and your plot will be taken away.  ML&P asks very little of us in exchange for this opportunity to have a long term lease for a community garden with their land.  I have received another complaint email about our gardeners this morning from them.  We do not anyone to be asked to leave from ML&P, so please only park in the front paved parking lot only.  Thank you for your cooperation.
Please send an email to napiligarden@gmail.com if you see gardeners parked on the dirt road and report their vehicles.  Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Water is back on!

  1. Was just at garden at 5 pm on July 4 th and water is not on. Also I notice many vehicles parked inside the gate just passed the paved parking lot is this ok? Not on dirt road but on the grass. Aloha! Gardener April

    1. Thanks for the info April. The council will talk about the parking situation at our next meeting. I will be up in the garden myself tomorrow morning and check it out. Hopefully the water will be back on. I will post updates here. Aloha

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