Monthly Archives: September 2012

Water update


Aloha Gardeners,

Unfortunately the water pipes just above our garden has a large leak. At the moment there is no water in the garden. Tonight we will take a look at it and will be evaluating the situation. We will try to get the water back on tonight but will be looking at a large repair.

We encourage you to prepare for this outage and fill up buckets on your plot to water. It will more than likely be a long repair.

Thank you for your understanding.

Additionally, we are having a problem with theft in the garden. Please remember each gardener works very hard to grow their food and does not deserve to find their food stolen. If you or someone you know needs the food please ask and we can take up a collection of excess produce.

If you see someone in the garden who does not belong there please copy down their license plate and email it to along with the time and date you saw them. We are trying to work out a solution and are looking for suggestions.