Help needed to get the water back on

Aloha Gardeners,

Many of you are aware of the water issues we have been having. We are almost done with our repair but need your help to move the earth back.

Today November 8th starting at 2:30 pm, please join us in the garden eager to shovel. Dave and Charlie have generously donated their time and expert skills to repair this break, big Mahalo to them. Please help them to finish this great task.

We need to form a water committee to help prevent this problem, if you are interested in joining that group or helping with the leadership of the garden please send an email to

We need someone to help with organizing events, a secretary, a digital librarian, and a few other duties. Any help is appreciated, even if its a small amount of help.

Thank you everyone!

Linda Kubit


2 thoughts on “Help needed to get the water back on

  1. Hi Linda,

    I came up here a 2:30 today and nobody was here. I waited until 3:30 then left.

    I was here with Charlie and Steve yesterday until 4:30 Jimmy Quatrale Sent from my iPad

    1. Thank you so much for showing up to help. I was told by Dave to ask for people to come help starting at 2pm. I’m very sorry I was misinformed. Charlie was supposed to show up. Thank you for your help.

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