Plot Renewals for All Gardeners

Aloha everyone,

The new year is upon us and we need to renew each of our plots and we are accepting new gardeners to the open plots. All new Gardeners are to email with Orientation in the subject. New Gardeners will be contacted about available orientations.

Please be patient as we will update soon.
If you want to help please email

Thank you


5 thoughts on “Plot Renewals for All Gardeners

  1. Aloha, I was just wondering if when we send in our checks will we then get a reciept? Also I was wondering.g why the fees for the garden are going up will we be seeing some new improvements or has the water bill gone up? I also would love to be more active member of our garden but work and usually am not avaliable on such short notice of these meetings. Is there a way we could schedule a meeting in the evenings after most people get out of work/school? Also am I understanding correctly that anyone not maintaining Thier plot after thirty days will not be notified by the council and Thier garden will be given away? Shouldn’t we let them know Thier garden is being given away? I just think it could cause some confusion as to the ownership of the plots. I love being a member of the napili community gardens and cant wait to see whats in store for the new year! April Matsumoto

    1. Aloha April,

      We also love having you as part of the garden. Dues are going up this year to keep up with the water bill which will always be on the rise as we gain gardeners. Through better organization and participation from gardeners our garden will see improvements. By joining our committees we will be able to help keep the garden beautiful, we need the help of the gardeners to do so.

      You will receive a receipt for your payment via email. On your payment make sure you include your full contact information and Plot Number. April you are in plot number M13.

      Please do keep in mind we are a non profit organization and no one in the organization receives any form of payment for their work.

  2. Lets post a Map of Plots and number them. So we can email each other about ones plots. I have a plot but have no clue what the number is. Facebook is the best way. Yes I agree if your plot is not active should go back into the rental pool. maybe 90 days is fair. not 30.
    Aloha and see you all tomorrow morning. Yes week notice is always nice for meetings or gatherings
    D’best Handyman on the west side
    Jonny b

  3. Great Meeting Today, I paid my Dues. Look forward to cleaning up the garden. Welcoming new gardeners. Weed fighters. So dont forget to bring a weed eater to help fight the weeds. 2 hours Weeding walk ways and common areas a month too easy for community service requirement.
    Any other ideas lets post on here or face book.
    Much Aloha
    Jonny B

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