Monthly Archives: February 2013

Water pipe break Help dig us out


Aloha Gardeners,

We have a pipe break that we need your help to repair. There is no water unless we fix this pipe. You can help by digging around the break.

Break is located behind the New Earth Systems shed on the east side of the garden just north of the shed. The pipe is already exposed, Thanks to Dwayne (yay Dwayne!). We need to extend this trench 3 feet in either direction of the break to make an 8-9′ trench.

Please come out and lend a hand and shovel some dirt.

Mahalo for your help.



Compost has arrived!


Aloha everyone,

The compost has arrived in the garden. Each gardener is allotted 2 Orange Wheelbarrows if Compost for their paid plot. It is important that you use the orange wheelbarrow for measurement as the other is much larger. We need to make sure we have enough for every gardener.

If you would like additional compost you may purchase it for $10 per orange wheelbarrow. You can pay a council member in cash when you see them in the garden. You can also send a check to the Garden mailbox listed on the main page of the website.

Please be honest and respect the hard work of everyone who brought this compost into the garden. If you are interested in purchasing more than 3 extra wheelbarrows please email first. We have to plan for the amount we have to distribute to everyone.

If you have not paid your fee for the garden yet please do so right away. We are starting to assign plots that have not been paid for.

Thank you and happy gardening!