Water pipe break Help dig us out

Aloha Gardeners,

We have a pipe break that we need your help to repair. There is no water unless we fix this pipe. You can help by digging around the break.

Break is located behind the New Earth Systems shed on the east side of the garden just north of the shed. The pipe is already exposed, Thanks to Dwayne (yay Dwayne!). We need to extend this trench 3 feet in either direction of the break to make an 8-9′ trench.

Please come out and lend a hand and shovel some dirt.

Mahalo for your help.



5 thoughts on “Water pipe break Help dig us out

  1. I went up there this morning. I didn’t see anyone. I am on the pipe crew with a few other people, call me when you need me. Jimmy Q

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  2. UPDATE 02/28/2013: A temporary fix is in place to provide low pressure watering until a more permanent fix is done. Get it while you can…and please water your neighbors plots too. More outage soon to be expected for make permanent fix.

    Big Mahalos to all the guys getting muddy for the last 3 days digging the leak out and messing with the pipes. Dwayne is da MAN….starting at 7:30 an going all day all week!!!. Mahalos to Dave, Charlie, Robert, Freddy, Steve and the new guys!!!! Easily 50+ hours of community service into this one so far.

  3. Hi

    I lost the address for the payment. Who do I make it out to and where do I send it? Jimmy Q

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    1. This info is on the main page About NCG and in older posts:
      Payment of Plot fees or Compost purchase can be sent to:

      Napili Community Garden
      5095 Napilihau St
      Suite 109-B #125
      Lahaina, HI 96761
      Checks payable to Tri-Isle RC&D with NGC in the memo and your plot number

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