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Green Party Friday/ Community Work Day This Saturday


Aloha Gardeners,

With all of the rain and sunshine our garden is growing fast, and we love growth.  Many of you are new to the garden and I would like to remind you of a few very important rules:

  • NO PARKING ANYWHERE BUT THE PARKING LOT! – please follow this rule or your plot will be re assigned.
  • You are responsible for keeping pathways clear around your garden, please clear the area around your personal garden.
  • 4 way/ 2 way manifolds are necessary individual purchases to share the water between the plots.  Do not attach your hose directly to the water line, use a manifold to divide the water line so each of you can turn your water on and off as needed.  Share the cost of this with your neighbors (around $17-20 depending on where you buy it).  Remember all Ace purchases are guaranteed for 60 days, keep your receipts in case of breakage.
  • No trees in the single 10’x20′ plots, no fences higher than 4 feet in the single plots.
  • Everything you grow in the garden is for personal use only, you may give away your food but you cannot charge for it.
  • ORGANIC management only! This includes seeds and starts, they must be organic.  Please review the Rules on this website.
  • Community work hours are required for each plot 2 hours every month or $20 for the time not spent on the community areas.  Take up a watering project, it’s an easy way to earn your community hours 10-20 minuets at a time.

Speaking of Community Hours, this Saturday March 30th is our Community Group Workday.  This helps us to get larger projects tackled that only a few people cannot do on their own.   Join us from 9am -12pm for some group projects.

A Garden Council meeting will be held this Saturday March 30th starting at 8am in the garden.  If you are interested in joining the Garden leadership we would love to have you join the meeting.  Any time you spend on committees or the council count as your community hours.  We are in need of a good numbers person for the treasury position as well as a secretary and a few other helping hands.  Anyone who is interested in joining the leadership is openly accepted.  Further questions can be directed to Linda Kubit at

Need your plot tilled and you don’t have the time to do it yourself?  Give Charlie a call 808-283-9903 $50 for a single plot and $80 for a double.

Please remember when you turn on your water in the garden  you need to do it slowly to prevent the water line blowing out.

All of this work and no fun?  Well, join members of the Westside community this Friday at the Green Party in Lahaina.   Linda will be sharing fresh food ideas throughout the event with many live cooking demonstrations.  Bring your own reusable glass jar (32 oz Mason Jars recommended) to make your own Kale Salad in a jar.  If you have produce from your garden you would like to donate to the event please contact Linda.  Any donations for Salad ingredients or any vegetables are appreciated.  A sign up table will be at the event for new gardeners if you have not yet started your garden, and Linda will be there to answer any questions you have about the garden.

Lahaina Oceanfront Estate 
1423 Front Street
Friday March 29th 
Join your community for a little Green Fun!

Join your community for a little Green Fun!