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Give Back Days and General Meeting schedule update


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Give Back Days and General Meeting schedule update

In one week, Wednesday 28th the members Give Back Day work time will be from 5pm to 7pm. It has been cut down in time due to the heat. Saturday the 31st is now from 7am to 9am with a General Meeting following from 9am to 10am.

Members are reminded they owe two hours work per month for EACH garden plot they rent. Garden Rules & By-Laws can be found on this site.

Your council representative can help with work projects. His name is Robert Livermore and can be reached by text or email at 423-327-0925, for additional information.

A hui hou,


Water is Flowing


Aloha Gardener’s,

The water pressure is doing great.

Give a big mahalo to garden member Dwayne for his work repairing the water break outside the garden.  This effort helped our water provider who would not of been able to respond as quickly.

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Jimmy confirms this morning he has plenty of water

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Garden Alert – Water Repair Update


pipe broken plumber

A leak on ML&P property was repaired last evening and water was left off overnight for the glue to dry. They will turn water on and re-adjust today 8/9.  It sometimes takes 24-48 hours to get the pressure adjusted correctly.

Thanks for all your patience!

NCG  Council

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Give Back Days


The Give Back Days are the last Saturday

from 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM and

last Wednesday 4:00PM – 7:00PM of every month

Every member of the garden is required to contribute to the community garden as a whole.  We hold these group days to get more work done, it’s a lot easier to dig a ditch with 10 people than 2.  With this website we can organize other days and tasks for those who can not attend the set dates.  Please feel free to leave comments here for any ideas you have for the garden work days. All gardeners must participate in community projects besides pulling weeds near you own plots.  If you have not signed up for a project or have ideas contact Robert by text or email at 423-327-0925,

Thank you for your help


Robert and Jai next to the newly erected information board at the front entrance to the Napili Community Garden.  Thanks to those who helped Robert install it. Next the small roof is to be added.  So, coming soon you will have another resource to check for garden information.

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Good to know – from the garden


Aloha Gardener’s,

Josie received some information from Anne Gachuhi that she would like to share regarding Natural Pesticides.

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From: Anne Gachuhi <>

Welcome to this Week’s Gardening Updates

Do you know what to look for when purchasing Natural Pesticides ? Where would you purchase them in Maui?

Natural pesticides  often have the following descriptions on their labels: OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute ), Natural,  Organic,  Botanical, Biological, Microbial, Biopesticides, Biorational pesticides.

Recently, I embarked on getting these answers. I went to several Maui Garden Centers (Lowes, Home Depot, Hawaii Growers Products Inc, Kula Ace (True Value) and Mermac Ace) to find out what organic or natural products they carry.

I found out that Kula Ace (True Value), carries the most organic products. Hawaii Growers Products gave me a link to their catalogue online. Lowes provided me with a computer generated list of outdoor organic pesticides.

Click on attached lists for more information on Natural Pesticides for the Home Gardener


Anne Gachuhi

Founder/CEO, Home Gardening Support Network, L.L.C

Tel. 808-446-2361