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NCG Updates March 2, 2014 – Election Results


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Aloha Gardeners!

NCG Updates March 2, 2014

Election results are in and counted as follows:
68 ballots were cast
7 were invalid: 3 for being second votes on single plots, 4 for non-payment of membership dues.
61 valid ballots (abstain represents no marked choice)
Ballot question: Should we allow members to continue to use compost containing processed sewer sludge?
Yes-47     No-9     Abstain-5
Taressa Watson-51      Jamie Green-1      Abstain-9
Vice President
Charlie Dofa-47             Dave Tomkinson-5     Abstain-9
Jamie Green-7        Floyd Whitworth-49       Abstain-3
Brenda Gorley-51          Abstain-10
Plot Manager
Dave Tomkinson-45     Charlie Dofa-4     Abstain-12
Orientation Manager
Josephine Wittenburg-52     Abstain-9
Digital Librarian
Steve Duckworth-3     Linda Castro-54     Keith Plumlee- 2    Abstain-2
Projects Manager
Robert Livermore-46     Abstain-15

Calendar Updates
March 8 – 8 AM – board meeting at the garden
Next General Meeting – May – date to be announced

The Garden Council

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