NCG July Newsletter


Aloha Gardeners!

NCG News and Updates- July 12, 2014

Just a few reminders:
Calendar Updates
July 19th – 8 AM – General meeting at the garden
Next General Meeting – August 16th @8 AM
October – Tour Group – National Master Gardeners Conference Group


Water use on a personal plot is limited to 30 minutes at a time. You must be present in the garden to have your water running unless you are using an irrigation timer. Abiding by these guidelines helps to insure that the pressure inside our garden can be regulated in a way that allows for ALL gardeners to have enough water pressure to water their gardens.  Misuse or carelessness with the available water is inconsiderate of you gardening neighbors and can result in the loss of your garden membership. Please use our resources wisely.

New Toilet:
We now have a portable toilet in place for use by garden members! It will be cleaned and stocked by Rainbow Portables on a weekly basis. The driver will need to park near the unit when he comes to clean, so please be sure your vehicles are not in his way.

National Master Gardeners Conference:
This group has requested a tour of our garden in October. We will provide updates as plans progress. We will be gearing our community projects towards preparation for this event.


New Committees:
We are in the process of forming two new committees to help communicate with all members. They will be monitoring 1) the condition of plots to send reminders to gardeners that are not maintaining their gardens and paths 2) community work hour records. We will be placing a revised work-hours notebook in the shed for recording your work hours as well as a revised jobs list by the first week of August. Please keep a personal record of your July hours to enter in the book at that time. As always, you may pay $10.00 per hour for the hours you are unable to work. If you are not already engaged in a community project and need help finding one, please contact the board.

Aloha and Happy Gardening
The Garden Council


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This is what happens when people forget to turn off hoses.
This is what happens when people forget to turn off hoses.




One thought on “NCG July Newsletter

  1. Thank you, everyone for keeping the garden going and a special “Mahalo” to Dwayne for all the endless hours and love he puts in keeping the water flowing.

    Love, Live Aloha* Paula


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