NCG August Newsletter

Aloha Gardeners!


NCG News and Updates- August 25, 2014

Aloha Gardeners!

We will be having a community workday on August 30 from 8-10 AM. Meet Charlie in the parking lot prepared for cleaning the entry, compost, and shed areas. Please do not take any more waste to the compost area near the bottom orchard. You may begin taking your green waste to the compost area at the top of the parking lot after the work day. Woody stems and banana tree waste should be taken to the compost area behind the composting toilet shed (highway side of the garden). We are asking also that any gardeners who have access to a dumpster to please fill a bag of trash from the pile in the parking lot and dispose of it. These items are things that are no longer usable leftover from old projects or from moving our gardeners last year. Please remember that we have no trash service to the garden. All gardeners should be taking their daily trash items with them when they leave the garden and disposing of them at home.

We will be posting a list of needed community work projects at the shed. Gardeners may choose any of these projects or work days to fulfill their community work hours.  Please keep track of your hours so that they can be entered into the Work Hours notebook that will soon be updated and posted in the shed. Each gardener is responsible for making sure that their plot and the adjacent paths are weeded regularly and maintained, and that they have completed 2 hours of community work for EACH of their plots. Beginning in September, gardeners who have not fulfilled their responsibilities will receive a letter of warning from the board reminding them of what has not been completed.

Calendar Updates

Community Workday August 30 @ 8 AM

Next General Meeting – September 27@8 AM

October, 2014 – Tour Group – National Master Gardeners Conference Group @ NCG


Aloha and Happy Gardening!

The Garden Council

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