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Garden Alert Update – Water is ON – Mon, Sept. 29th.



The repairs have been made and the water is now on.


water flow in hose


NCG Board


NCG Updates September 20, 2014


Aloha Gardeners!

NCG Updates September 20, 2014

From this point forward we will be having monthly inspections of both the condition of member plots and community work-hour records. As you know, members must do the following to maintain their garden memberships:

  1. Pay yearly membership fees by the due dates.
  2. Fill out and keep updated liability forms and contact information for the board records.
  3. Abide by the NCG Rules and Regulations.
  4. Keep your plot weeded and cultivated on an ongoing basis.
  5. Keep the path around all four sides of your plot weeded on an ongoing basis.
  6. Work a minimum of 2 hours per month per plot on community projects and upkeep of common- areas and record them in the work hours log in the main garden shed. (EXAMPLE: I have 3 plots so I worked 6 hours weeding the orchard.) Members must pay $10.00 per hour for unworked community hours.

Failure to meet these requirements on an ongoing basis can result in loss of your garden membership. Any questions about these items or requests for a work assignment may be directed to the board in writing or by email. The Garden Council decisions are final in all matters.

We will be sending out our first notice letters this month for September plot inspections/ August work-hours log. If you failed to enter hours in the work log, or have not been caring for your plot or paths, you should expect to receive a letter out-lining the corrections you need to make in order to meet your obligations to the community.

The Garden Council



Calendar Updates

General Meeting – September 27 @ 8:00 AM

National Masters Gardeners Convention – tour of NCG – October 25th