revised – NCG News and Updates- January 29, 2015

Sorry, added “Membership: Josie Wittenburg” which was missing.


NCG News and Updates- January 29, 2015

Aloha Gardeners!

Here are a few updates for the New Year:

Membership dues for 2015 are due no later than January 31, 2015. If you have not yet sent in your fees, Taressa will be in the garden the morning of January 31st if you need to drop off your check. It has to be made out to Tri-Isle RC&D. If you have outstanding unpaid community work hours for 2014 they should be included with your dues. Plots with unpaid 2015 dues and/or 2014 work hours after the due dates will be considered vacated and will be re-rented February 1st to the next eligible person on our waiting lists. If you have personal reasons for needing a payment plan please contact Taressa or Josie directly or email us at .


Our compliance committee is continuing to monitor the condition of personal plots, perimeter paths, and logged community work hours and will be posting monthly reports. Anyone who has not recorded their work hours in the log in the shed will be asked to pay at that time. For your reference, these are the minimum requirements of a garden member:

  1. Pay yearly dues.
  2. Clear, cultivate, and weed your plot regularly.
  3. Clear and weed your 2 foot perimeter path regularly.
  4. Work 2 hours per plot per month weeding and caring for community areas or on community work projects OR pay $10.00 per hour for unworked hours. You are responsible for recording your own work hours in the log book in the tool shed.


The deadline for nominating yourself or others for the February elections is Saturday January 31st. If you are interested in running or nominating someone to run for a board position, please send the name and contact information to the garden email or place it in the box in the shed. Current nominations are:

President: Taressa Watson

Vice-President: Charlie Dofa

Treasurer: Angela Quatrale

Secretary: Brenda Gourly

Plot Manager: Lisa Berg/Gary Wellan(team)

Project Manager: Api Manuha

Education Coordinator: Linda Castro

Membership: Josie Wittenburg


Community Work Day – January 31st , 8-12 AM -anyone wanting to help with general clean-up projects while Charlie completes the spreading of the gravel on our parking lots please see Taressa in the picnic table area that morning. We will reschedule the following weekend if it is raining.


We need volunteers that would like to serve on one of the following committees:

Food bank harvesting and delivery

Community Trading/Sharing night

Education- classes and how to for members

Community Outreach – Facebook, Website, PR

Planning Committee – garden expansion

Work Projects

Please send interested inquiries to or contact a board member.


Our next schedules meeting is February 21st at 8 AM in the garden. If raining, please meet at Napili Plaza same date and time.


Please share your thoughts with the community

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