September 28, 2015

Next General Meeting AND Work Day:

There will be a general work day and meeting on Saturday October 3, 2015.The general meeting will be at 9 AM – in case of rain meet at Napili Plaza Shopping Center. Those wanting to work on community projects to put towards their work hours can help between 7 AM – 9 AM and 10 AM- 12PM. In case of rain we will move the work day to October 17th from 7 AM – 12 PM.


Beginning October 3rd, we will be locking the tool shed to prevent theft from outsiders. The combination is for members only. Please do not share this with non-garden members. The combination for the lock is,(see your email from NCG for number). Please remember to return all tools to the shed when they are not in use.


The gates have been reinstalled on our entry way and emergency road. Please do not block passage to the lower garden by parking on the emergency road. Parking is in the parking lot only. The road should only be used for loading and unloading or for access to the expansion side of the garden. The last person to leave AT ANY TIME OF DAY should close the entry gate behind them to discourage unauthorized entering of our garden. If you see contractors trying to dump mulch in our parking lot please tell them we no longer accept mulch in this location – NO DUMPING!


For the benefit of newer members and as a reminder to more established members, here are some BASICS ABOUT OUR WATER SYSTEM:

Our water in the garden is provided through an old ML&P agricultural water system. They provide us water at their ag rate price. They do not make any promises that we will have constant pressure, volume, or availability of water.

The system is gravity fed from reservoirs on the mountain side. There are no pump stations or circulation in this system. When the volume from the top is high the pressure is high, when the volume is low the pressure is low. If farms up the mountain are using large amounts of water, our pressure will be lower. This is typically during day light hours, not overnight.

Our responsibility as Napili Community Garden is only for the repair and maintenance of the water system INSIDE OF OUR GARDEN. This is accomplished by volunteer gardeners with one volunteer acting as our contact with ML&P water contractors for issues that are OUTSIDE OF OUR GARDEN. Our contact assists in outside repairs and adjustment only when authorized by ML&P. Most of the time major issues with interruptions to our water service are due to needed repairs on ML&P property and are handled by their contractors not our volunteers.

Member responsibilities – These help to make water available to each member:

There are time limits for the watering of personal plots. No more than 15 minutes with an open ended hose. No more than 30 minutes with a sprayer or sprinkler. If you have more than one plot to care for you should water only one at a time. If you turn on your water to all of your plots at once you are emptying the water system and all of the members at the top of the hill will not have any water! Please be considerate.

If you are on the uphill side and do not have water available at the time of day that you are free to garden you will probably need to use a timer to water during the night when the volume and pressure are more consistent. This can be used with sprinklers or an irrigation system. If you need more information ask other gardeners that are already using this system.

If you turn on your spigot and there is no water please be sure that you turn it off. We find many times that water has been left on and is causing what everyone thought was a water leak! Again, be considerate.

If you find a broken pipe inside the garden and you cannot find a board member or water volunteer in the garden to help you, then leave a message at 1-808-779-4044 and shut off the valve for that line at the top of the hill near the berm.

If you need further information or assistance with any issues in the garden please email the board or drop a letter in the new drop box inside the shed.


Thanks for your help and happy gardening!

The NCG Board







  1. I am glad you are monitoring water I have seen and experienced gardens going under because of inconsiderate gardens. We need to take into consideration how many bananas & sweet potatoes are being planted; they take a lot of water!!!!Besides what are these people doing with that massive amount of stuff! Selling certainly they can’t be eating them all!

    Love, Live Aloha Paula


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