March 11, 2016 NCG Community Update


March 11, 2016

Aloha Gardeners!

We will be having a Food Bank collection this week. If you would like to assist you can help on two different days.

Wednesday 4:00 PM – assist Freddie in harvesting

Thursday 7:00 AM – assist Auntie B and crew with harvesting, cleaning, and loading
If anyone who is not currently on the board would like to nominate themselves for a 2016 board position they may turn in their information and position they are interested in on paper in the dropbox in the community shed or by email to the garden gmail. An election will be held on March 26th if we have more than one volunteer for a position. The current board is willing to continue to serve if we do not have new volunteers. These are your current board members:

President – Taressa Watson

Vice-President – Charlie Dofa

Treasurer – Angela Quatrale

Secretary – Brenda Gorley

Membership – Lisa Berg

A community survey will also be taken at the March 26th meeting to determine what orchard trees are most useful to members in our expansion property, as well as any other issues that need community input. You can send suggestions for survey issues to the board via the dropbox or the gmail.





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