The Give Back Days are the last Saturday

from 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM and

last Wednesday 4:00PM – 7:00PM of every month

Every member of the garden is required to contribute to the community garden as a whole.  We hold these group days to get more work done, it’s a lot easier to dig a ditch with 10 people than 2.  With this website we can organize other days and tasks for those who can not attend the set dates.  Please feel free to leave comments here for any ideas you have for the garden work days. All gardeners must participate in community projects besides pulling weeds near you own plots.  If you have not signed up for a project or have ideas contact Robert by text or email at 423-327-0925,
Thank you for your help

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The Final One color 72dpi


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  1. There are several plots around me that are not being taken care of. No one has started to do any work on them. I thought we were supposed to start clearing our plots within 3 weeks. These plots are going to seed and will spread seeds to existing gardens. I am plot C5. Most plots in row B have not been touched and plot C6.

  2. Jimmy, thank you for pointing this out. The council is currently discussing the issue and will come to a resolution soon. The rules do state work is to commence within 3 weeks of plot assignment, and many gardeners have not addressed their plots in well over a month. PS. did you look at the photos section? There are some photos of your marigolds on there, looking great!
    – Linda Kubit
    Council Member

  3. I worked an hour today covering exposed pipes between A&B and C&D. I used rocks to frame the pipe and added soil from the large burms to cover the area to a greater depth than before. I plan to do the same later this week for additional pipes.

  4. I weeded and helped take care of the citrus and avocado trees for 45 minutes on 3/25 how do i log this with napili garden. I spoke to Charlie and he said this would be a good job for me to assit with. I have finally moved the small banana trees that were planted to close to the water line that had been in the plot before I arrived. Having so much fun working on my garden! April

    • Thank you April. Right here is one of the best places to log your hours that you work. There is also a log book in the shed on the shelf to the right in a white binder. Thank you for your help. If you are available this Saturday, please come help from 8am-11am.

  5. Aloha, Tolintino and Wahinehookae did our community service weed wacking the hillside,roadway and around the tool shed. I also talked with one of the gentleman in charge about manuel helping with the plumbing for the bathrm. We’ll be working on some of the work orders you posted. We have a very busy schedule and we do our community service when we can but we’ll try to make it a point to join you all on community work days whenever possible. HAPPY GARDENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We also requested for 1 or 2 additional plots. Any more information?

    • Thank you SO MUCH Aunty B! You have all done so much that really helps the garden. We really appreciate all of your help.

      As far as the new plots go can you please send an email to with the names of those who the plots would be under. New plot assignments will not start until May 1st. This was decided on by the council to allow everyone to focus on starting their gardens first. The available plots are on a first come first serve basis, however you did request them from me during the February work day so I can make sure to help date your submission. Keep up the great gardening! – Linda

  6. Linda, We could not join you yesterday but was able do couple hrs today-4/1 (weeding around the outside of our plot and in the space between our plot and the main walkway. Also cleared/weeded left side of main gate entry(tleaves and plumeria location). The weeds are in a pile there for now, but will remove when we go back with a trash bag. Is there any other place onsite to discard these weeds or shall we remove them?hank you,Debbie

    • Thanks again for your help Debbie. Weeds removed from any area of the garden can be spread over the the bare parts of the Berm for now. We will discuss a general compost area at the upcoming council meeting. We have quite a bit to discuss in this meeting so watch out for some big announcements next week.

  7. Aloha, Aunty B and Manuel did our community service today. Weed wack picnic table area, compost area, down past tool shed, down to the end of property and down the roadway.

    Happy gardening

    Linda I forgot our plot #’s

  8. Aloha all. Today was a good community work day led by Dave. With Diane, Scvita, and Keith we paved the main walkway with wood chips. The walk is now “carpeted” and the big bumps are leveled out. I will try to finish the remainder (up to the entrance) tomorrow: This should help to reduce the sticky-mud-in-ur-slippahs when it rains. 3 hours for K10 today and another hour tomorrow.

  9. I have started planting flowers and extra tomato plants as well as some herbs in a common are in the front of my garden. I have been a member now for over 4 months and no one had done anything with the area yet it had been filled with weeds and trash. I hope the flowers will bring in bees and butterflies for all our gardens as well as once the herbs have grown we can all share them. I also have noticed the areas to the left and right of my plot are empty and would like to be on the list to maybe take them over with my husband as we only have one plot now. I am not sure what my plot number is? Or if these are common areas as it seems not to be plotted out or I would love to plant in these areas officially as a plot or common area? Plese let me know! Happy Gardener, April Matsumoto

    • April, Thank you for planting beautiful flowers, we definitely appreciate them. As for the unattended plots around you, all plots have been assigned. We are contacting those inactive gardeners to determine if they will be staying with the garden. You can send an email to James at to properly be placed on the waitlist. Aloha

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