Garden Council Meeting Minutes

About the Garden Council

The garden council is comprised of garden members who volunteer their time to keep the garden running…providing organization and administration.

So…what’s that mean?

The garden council does stuff like:

  • Paying the bills.
  • Collecting dues.
  • Purchasing stuff.
  • Keeping track of the garden’s finances and infrastructure.
  • Maintaining the water supply.
  • Solicitation, sign-up and orientation of new members.
  • Soliciting donation of wood chips, tools, equipment and other stuff.
  • Organizing meetings & workdays.
  • Responding to inquiries.
  • Enforcing rules, insuring the garden is in compliance with lease terms and being good neighbors.
  • Providing Garden members with meeting minutes and financial reports.
  • lots of other stuff to keep the garden growing.

How can you help?

Join the Garden Council!!!!

The Garden Council meets in the garden on the last Saturday of every Month at 8am. All gardeners are welcome to attend the meetings and participate.



Board Meeting Minutes of the Napili Community Garden

May 21st 2016

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May 21 2016 Meeting Minutes



Board Meeting Minutes of the Napili Community Garden

January 16th 2016

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January 16 2016 Meeting Minutes



Board Meeting Minutes of the Napili Community Garden

July 25th 2015

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July 25 2015 Meeting Minutes




Board Meeting Minutes of the Napili Community Garden

June 20th 2015

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June 20 2015 Meeting Minutes




Board Meeting Minutes of the Napili Community Garden

May 16th 2015

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May 16 2015 Meeting Minutes




Board Meeting Minutes of the Napili Community Garden

April 15th 2015

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April 18 2015 Meeting Minutes



Board Meeting Minutes of the Napili Community Garden

December 13, 2014

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December 13, 2014 Meeting Minutes



Board Meeting Minutes of the Napili Community Garden

November 1, 2014

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November 1, 2014 Meeting Minutes



Board Meeting Minutes of the Napili Community Garden

September 27, 2014

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September 27, 2014 Meeting Minutes



Board Meeting Minutes of the Napili Community Garden

July 19, 2014

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July 19, 2014 Meeting Minutes



Board Meeting Minutes of the Napili Community Garden

June 21, 2014

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NCGJune 21 2014 Meeting Minutes



Board Meeting Minutes of the Napili Community Garden

May 24, 2014

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NCGMay 24 2014 Meeting Minutes



March 21, 2014 Meeting Minutes-Revised

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March 21, 2014 Meeting Minutes-Revised




Board Meeting Minutes of the Napili Community Garden

March 8, 2014

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NCGMarch 8 2014 Board Meeting Minutes



General Meeting of the Napili Community Garden

December 21, 2013 – 4:00 p.m.

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December 21 2013 Board Meeting Minutes



General Meeting of the Napili Community Garden

December 8, 2013 – 4:00 p.m.

The General Meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m. Present were Taressa, Jamie, Josie, Brenda and Dave. Another gardener joined the meeting around 4:45 p.m.

Taressa chaired the meeting.


To cultivate a community rooted in sustainability by providing a place for cooperative organic gardening.


1. Financials

Jamie went over November’s Report and noted a beginning balance of $12,215.00. She shared the deposits and expenditures as follows:

Expenditure: $1,055.00 on pipes Deposit: $40.00

The cash box had a beginning balance of $683.00 of which $500.00 was spent for the backhoe, $40.00 for gas can and gas, and another $46.00 for gas. Tri Isle reimbursed the garden the $500.00 and that will go back in the cash box.

It was noted that Linda still owes $290.00.

We were reminded that cash should not be accepted unless it goes through Josie or Jamie so that a receipt is generated.

2. Displaced Gardeners

Josie shared some new maps.

We talked about the plots and those displaced gardeners who have not yet selected a plot. They will be assigned a new plot at some point.

Compost was discussed for the displaced gardeners. Two orange wheelbarrows per plot are allowed. 3. Compost Invoice and Pipe Invoice

Taressa indicated that once we turn in the invoice for the compost and pipes, it will be reimbursed back into the garden’s account. 4. Tilling

Jamie shared that Wyatt Loft Landscaping will be doing the tilling for the displaced gardeners for a price of $1,000.00. This is a very good price and the displaced gardeners will receive the tilling of their new plots as a “gift”.

5. ML&P

We talked about the fact that we need to track down Grant and find out who our contact is at the moment, finish the contract and find out about water bills (it seems that they are not reading the water meter right now).


1. We talked about the garden renewals for the 2014 year. We looked at the simplified

Membership Information and Acknowledgements” and talked a little about what the responsibilities are for the plot paths around each garden. 2. Responsibilities Sheet – We looked at the NCG Community Responsibilities, and Taressa and

Jamie clearly explained the format, the neighborhoods and what we hope to accomplish. We will try it for a few months and see how it works. 3. We talked a little about the food bank area and how it might work. 4. We shared ideas about how to develop some systems to share extra food, such as a share box

or share night. Robert has indicated an interest in building an area with shade to leave extra produce for others down by the shed. We will touch base with Robert and explore what kind of a budget he would need. 5. Volunteer Gardeners – There is a third category of gardener that we may try. It would be

people who would pay a small fee per month and do 8 hours of community service per month in exchange for food for their family from perhaps the community areas or the food bank area. Perhaps $25.00 per month, plus 8 hours. 6. Other:

Tools – We talked about how to handle locks on gates, signs, etc. Brenda to research some different types of locks for our next meeting.

We need some good shovels and rakes, along with some new wheelbarrows. $500.00 was previously allotted for new tools, and we voted unanimously (since there was a quorum from the Board) to also allocate funds for two 4-cycle Craftsman weed eaters. A discussion followed about how and where to lock up the weed eaters so that only the individuals on the responsibility list had access to the weed eaters and the gas.

More discussion about the toilet. Still up in the air. A composting toilet would be nice, but we would still need parts and there may be too many people now. Would we have to train people how to use it before they get the combination to the lock, does the County have to approve the number of people, would people really use it, are we better off with a port-a-potty, what do we need to move forward? Still lots of questions, but we all agreed that we should move forward somehow.

Jamie talked about “wicking beds” which is a type of garden bed with a waterproof lining that holds a reservoir of water at the bottom and water is drawn upwards like a wick to the surface of the bed via natural soil osmosis or through the roots of plants in the bed. Very interesting concept. Thank you Jamie.

For those who are interested, here is some information about wicking beds found on the internet:

Wicking beds have a lot of advantages over standard raised beds and in-grown swale-based gardens:

They are water-efficient! Watering from the bottom up prevents evaporation of surface water (which occurs when you water beds from the top).

They are self-watering! Wicking beds are an especially great system to use in community gardens because they save people from driving every day during hot weeks to water their beds. A full wicking bed should irrigate itself for about a week.

No evaporation means no salting of soil. If you are watering your soils from the top with hard water, you risk accumulating salts, because the water evaporates and leaves the minerals behind. Eventually your soil will struggle to support plant life.

They provide a lot of drainage in the event of a large downpour.

Since they’re raised, they will warm up quicker in the spring.

You can easily attach cold frames to them.

They are great for people with less mobility and strength as you don’t have to haul heavy water container

wick planter

We discussed moving one of the citrus trees down by the gate so that there is a clear pedestrian path.

The next tentative Board Meeting is set for December 21st at 9:00 a.m.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 5:20 p.m.



General Meeting of the Napili Community Garden

November 2, 2013 – 8:00 a.m.

A brief meeting called to order shortly after 8:00 a.m. with seven of the eight Board Members in attendance. There were members of the water committee and several other gardeners present.

Taressa chaired the meeting.


To cultivate a community rooted in sustainability by providing a place for cooperative organic gardening.


The primary purpose of this meeting was to discuss backhoe rental for the new gardens, compost, and the plans for displaced gardeners.

We talked about the compost that is currently at the bottom of the hill. We can get the compost screened for $500.00, and Ulupono has indicated they would give the garden $500.00. It was shared that this is not particularly good compost and it might be a better idea to try and get the free compost from Eko Compost. We would need a truck, so a discussion took place about whether or not we could use the $500.00 for the truck, rather than for screening the compost.

After further discussion, it was voted unanimously by those still in attendance that we leave the current compose as it is (do not screen) and pursue the free compost from Eko Compost and place it toward the top of the hill by the new parking area, or even perhaps in two areas of the garden for better access.

A vote was needed to proceed with the rental of a backhoe to prepare the gardens for the displaced gardeners, level areas, dig trenches, etc. The majority present were in favor of the backhoe, however, there was a discussion about waiting a bit, letting displaced gardeners do the work themselves, moving to the hill, etc. A vote was taken and the majority voted in favor of the backhoe (one “no” vote). We will move forward with the backhoe for the work days on November 8th and 9th.

We talked about the layout of the new gardens. Josie and Jamie will be working on laying out the new gardens and Dwayne and his “crew” will be working on the new water lines.

We had a short discussion about neighborhood areas. This in an ongoing work in progress and everyone thought it was a good idea. There was a question as to whether the neighborhoods were previously designated at some point, or did they just appear? They will be better designated and responsibilities clear for gardeners as we move forward.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:50 a.m.


General Meeting of the Napili Community Garden

August 31, 2013 – 8:00 a.m.

Minutes General Meeting of the Napili Community Garden August 31, 2013 – 8:00 a.m. Meeting called to order at 9:10 a.m. following a work day from 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. Attending were Taressa, Josephine W., Brenda G., Jamie C., Robert, Floyd and Steve. Taressa chaired the meeting.


Mission statement: To cultivate a community rooted in sustainability by providing a place for cooperative organic gardening.

1) Membership

a) There are four new members, three with 10 x 20 plots and one with a 20 x 20 plot (one 20 x 20 reassigned).

2) Jamie shared that for the previous month, the Garden took in $180.00 and no expenses were paid out.

3) Expenditures

a) There was some discussion about the Google map. Steve answered some questions and shared information. It will show the plots digitally and enable us to produce an accurate map. Steve shared that Tri Isle might need to provide some documentation for the garden in order for Steve to coordinate the project. Steve has applied for a grant for mapping, advertising, etc. Everybody is supportive of the map project and getting a large map printed for the bulletin board. Floyd indicated he might be able to help with that.

b) We talked about tools for the shed and the need to get more heavy duty tools, as opposed to cheap” ones, so they don’t break or fall apart so quickly. Perhaps with heavy duty handles. Josie moved that we allocate $500.00 for the purchase of tools, and Robert seconded. All in favor.

c) The purchase of “No Trespassing” signs was approved at last meeting. We discussed what type of sign would hold up best, and it was decided that Jamie would take care of purchasing eight signs.

d) We talked about locks for the gates and shed. Brenda to research some heavy duty, maybe brass, locks with big numbers so that everyone can easily see the numbers to open the lock.

e) There are five holes at the top of the garden where the new bulletin board is located. We talked a bit about citrus trees and Robert moved to buy trees for the holes that are already dug. Josie seconded and all in favor. We decided on allocating approximately $100.00 per tree so that they are a little more mature, and set October as a project date. Types of trees to be determined.

f) There was some discussion about new orchards in a couple of areas. Robert suggested getting trees that take less water in the new orchards. Jamie did share that the water bill did go up a little last month. Other ideas were briefly shared for different community areas of the garden, such as table grapes and sugar cane (would need to research how much water is necessary for sugar cane).

4) Water Projects

a) Toilet – A suggestion was made to look into renting a small office from Ulu Pono in the building across from the parking lot as a way to have access to their restroom. It would just be a small office and the feeling was it might be fairly inexpensive. We would, however, have to let them know our intentions as far as using the restroom for our members. We are still kicking around the idea of a portable toilet in the garden, which would be more convenient, but they are fairly expensive.

b) After researching the 4” water project across the top and compiling a list of needed items, Dwayne determined that it would be approximately $2,700.00 to $3,000.00 to put in the 4” pipe for 660 feet. This lead to a discussion about different kinds of pipe, Sch. 2000 vs. Sch. 40. Sch. 2000 is less expensive and might work with a pressure regulator. Another idea was to maybe just put 4” pipe halfway down or re-use other pipe to cut down on the expense. As far as a long range plan, it might be better to spend the extra money for the Sch. 40. We will need to look at both Sch. 40 and Sch. 2000 to see the differences in price. It was suggested that swapping the 1-1/2” pressure regulator for a 2” regulator at the top might help too.

c) Per Maui Land & Pine, when we see the relief valve going off there is too much pressure. Although gardeners were originally told not to water between noon and 2:00 p.m., we will now encourage people with timers to set them between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. to relieve some of the pressure. Steve suggested perhaps Maui Land & Pine would allow us to put the relief valve inside the garden, maybe in or near an orchard or hooked up to a pipe so that it would water the garden or orchard when there is too much pressure, rather than just shooting up a geyser.

5) Work Projects

a) Discussion about sending out letters of notice to garden members about living up to their obligations and holding them accountable for the community hours they need to put in. Still discussing the best way to account for the hours. Robert is against the log book and feels there should be a better way to keep track of hours. The feeling is that if gardeners are in fact working on one of the projects they have volunteered to do, then results should be seen in that area. There are also some “low impact” jobs for gardeners, as we do have some gardeners well into their 80’s.

b) We do need to let gardeners know again that it is their responsibility to keep the one foot perimeter around their garden clear.

c) Robert offered to add a Sunday evening to the work days. It would be the last weekend of the month following the Saturday morning work day. If the Saturday falls on the last day of a month, then the Sunday evening work day would be on the 1st.

d) We talked about a “neighborhood concept” where gardeners are responsible for a project close by their own gardens or in their “neighborhood” so that they can take pride in how it looks. We should forward ideas to Taressa or Robert for work projects.

e) We talked about possibly offering two prices for plots when January comes around, one price if you plan on doing the community work, and another price if you know up front that you would rather pay than do the community work.

f) Jamie offered to flag off the new 20 x 20 plots. We talked about using tarps as a way of easily measuring the plots, but the weeds would have to be down in order to do that. We agreed to purchase two tarps and stakes to mark out plots.


1) Does anyone want wood ash? Apparently Beach Bums has offered the wood ash and it is good for gardens in a very small amount.

2) Very brief comments about possibly sowing clover as a ground cover in the learning center area.

3) If anyone had other add-ons, please email to Taressa. Meeting adjourned at approximately 10:20 a.m.


General Meeting of the Napili Community Garden

June 29, 2013 – 8:00 a.m.

General Meeting of the Napili Community Garden
June 29, 2013 – 8:00 a.m.
Meeting called to order at 8:00 a.m. Attending were Taressa, Dwayne, Josephine W., Brenda G., Jamie C., Robert and Jimmy Q.
Taressa chaired the meeting. The meeting started out with a discussion about the filling in of the ponds and leveling what had been Eddie’s area. It was shared that at the Garden Council Meeting on June 22nd, a vote was made to wait on the filling in of the ponds. During the following week, an opportunity came up for a good deal on a back hoe for the weekend of the 29th and Charlie was available to operate it. Some Garden Council Board members were contacted and a decision was made to go ahead with the project, although not all Board Members were in favor.
This led to a further discussion about the foundation of a Council, what is right and wrong, and how to properly proceed with projects, etc. Jamie, who is the treasurer, clearly stated that she prefers no gray areas, that two signatures should be required on all checks, and the Garden Council should proceed essentially under appropriate rules governing Boards. Everyone seemed to agree.
It was suggested that a special meeting should be called for projects such as the backhoe project.
Talked again about Eddie and his failure to respond to repeated requests, as well as items taken from Eddie’s area. Eddie said some of his things had been taken. It appears, however, that Eddie has taken items that were paid for by the garden, such as the solar panels. Eddie also claims the pond liners are his. Josie is working on a letter to Eddie and will try to contact him for an address and/or email address. It was noted that Eddie sort of “lives off the grid”, but his phone number is still good. There was also a suggestion to contact Tri Isle to get their opinion or suggestions regarding Eddie/New Earth.
A suggestion was made to contact police so that there is a record of missing items. Perhaps a restraining order would be something to consider. Up for further discussion.
Mission statement: To cultivate a community rooted in sustainability by providing a place for cooperative organic gardening.
1) Membership
a) Per Taressa, there have been 17 inquiry’s, a new ad, orientations, 20 x 20 waiting list
b) We went over the current Board Members and they are as follows:
Chairman – Taressa
Vice Chair – Charlie (took over from John Lewis)
Treasurer – Jamie
Secretary – Brenda (non-voting volunteer only)
Project/Workday Manager – Robert
Plot Manager – Dave
Digital Librarian – Steve
2) June 22nd Board Meeting – Taressa briefly discussed the Board meeting on June 22nd – no minutes available.
1) Discussion about some type of master plan. Steve wanted a master plan for the garden. It was noted that Charlie originally helped design the landscaping, pipes, drainage, etc. and there was further discussion about whether or not an “expert” was needed to help with a master plan. It was suggested that we approach local companies, universities, etc. for help or educational ideas if needed.
2) We need to bring education back to the garden. We need to get some new ideas, something outside the box to get people involved again.
3) We talked about putting a pond back in and getting a pond liner (not related to Eddie’s liners). There are concerns about unsafe ponds and the fact that children or adults could slip in. More discussion will be needed.
4) Water – It was shared that there are now leases on the land around the garden and water should be better with the additional lessees. Dwayne indicated that the last major expenditure will be the backhoe and the laying of new 4” pipe so that the upper garden has adequate water pressure.
5) Talked a little about rules and regulations. There may be parking by the upper gate where the ponds were leveled, perhaps for seniors or disabled. This will need to be discussed and voted on as to who can park there, or whether it will be parking at all.
6) We would like to add more days & times for community work, such as a Wednesday afternoon/early evening to accommodate different work schedules. Taressa volunteered to do a Wednesday night maybe mid month and Robert volunteered to do a Saturday morning at end of the month and maybe a Sunday evening mid month as well.
7) Paying a fee in exchange for work hours is still an option.
8) Short discussion about the compost. The garden is still owed 24 cubic yards. It was stated that the compost is for new gardeners, however, it was pointed that many existing gardeners did not get their compost from the last batch that was delivered.
9) A general meeting and potluck was discussed and it was determined that July 31st at 6:00 p.m. would be a good day and time.
Meeting adjourned at approximately 9:00 a.m.


General Meeting of the Napili Community Garden

June 22, 2013 – 8:00 a.m.

June 22, 2013 Minutes

Napili Community Garden Board Meeting

Meeting took place at Napili Plaza Shopping Center 8:00 AM. The meeting was planned for one hour but ran over until 10:00 AM. Those attending were Taressa, Josie, Jamie, Robert, Dave, Steve, and Jai. Brenda was unable to attend so Taressa took notes.

Issues discussed were:

  1. Relations between former New Earth Center (NEC)and Napili Community Garden (NCG)

It was decided that Josie would try to contact Eddie by letter regarding the non-renewal of NCG’s relationship with NEC, his failure to contact NCG or respond to our attempts to contact him, the removal of property from the former NEC area, and documentation regarding claims to ownership of donated goods. She will also check with Anita about records regarding these issues.

Taressa will inquire with Tri-Isle about any records regarding agreements made with Eddie or NEC.

Jamie offered to make signage for the garden as needed for no trespassing, learning center, special projects, etc.

  1. Backhoe work was discussed in relationship to the safety issues of the unfenced and unmaintained ponds in the communal area, as well as the need to clear our fire lanes, improve our irrigation infrastructure, possible parking for the learning center/community meeting area, as well as repurposing of the learning center. It was felt that we should gather more information and develop a plan before making a decision. We discussed looking for professional input from other sources such as University, State of Hawaii, Craigslist, etc. Robert volunteered to develop a work plan. No final decision was made at this time.

  2. Plans for July projects were:

Check on rental rates of portal toilet – the composting toilet originally planned for the community does not have the capacity for the number gardeners at NCG. Taressa will inquire with Rainbow rental about the cost as they already service one of the gardens up the road from us.

It was decided that we will take cash payments for membership but will use a triple copy receipt book- one copy for the member, one to remain in the book, and one to go with the payment to the treasurer. No payments are to be received without issuing a receipt.

Josie, Jamie, Brenda, and Steve will compile a membership list for Robert so that he can finish developing a new tracking system for community work hours.

Robert requested the purchase of pitchforks for the new compost stations. It was suggested that we also need a new inventory of current tools and a budget allowance made for new purchases. Robert will purchase two pitchforks and we will complete a tool inventory for future purchases.

We will ask for proposals from the community about new projects for the learning center, communal areas, and community outreach projects.

Steve volunteered to develop an electronic forum so that gardeners could discuss ideas and share information.

Robert volunteered to plant a community pumpkin patch by the children’s play area where the he has cleared the first communal plot. This was approved.

Any other outstanding issues were tabled until the next meeting as we adjourned for a lack of time.


General Meeting of the Napili Community Garden

May 25, 2013 – 8:00 a.m.

Meeting called to order at 8:00 a.m. Sign up sheet passed around. Attending were Taressa, Dwayne,

Josephine W., Brenda G., Jamie C., Ananda S., Robert, John L., Steve D., David T. and Linda C.

Taressa chaired the meeting. Mission statement read by Taressa and it was suggested that we all

keep in mind what is best for the group and the environment. Robert to build a board close to

entrance of garden. Ananda indicated that she had a piece of plexiglass that she would donate to be

used. Along with the garden shed, this would be a good place to put the Mission Statement for

everyone to see.


1) Finances

a) Jamie is taking care of deposits now, and Taressa reported that the deposits are up to date

and records are current. P & L statement has been received from Tri-Isle, and will be

requested every three months on a regular basis. Jamie reported that the insurance is $250

per year and we have approximately $14,000 in our account. Jamie asked for clarification on

the two $45 checks that were made last year if we can find out who they were made out to.

b) Copies of all deposited checks have been given to Taressa.

c) Known bills up to date and have been submitted to Tri-Isle.

d) A new paid out system has been put in place as we do have petty cash now. Paid outs for

repairs or supplies will be tracked in a separate designated receipt book and will require board

approval and two signatures. This will make it easier to have emergency repairs done more


e) The Board approved courtesy plots in exchange for exemplary community service in 2012 for

Charlie and Dave. This covers dues for 2013 only.

2) Membership

a) Notices for unpaid plots are being sent out. There are not too many.

b) Unoccupied plots have been red tagged for weed eating and tarping.

c) It was shared that mid-year pricing will be $40 for 10×20 plots.

d) New Earth/Eddie – We have been unable to contact Eddie despite numerous attempts since

January 2013. The board has decided that the conditions of our MOA with New Earth Systems

have been met, and that Eddie is in default under the Agreement.

e) NCG will take control of the space and contents of the area and proceed with the classroom as

it was originally intended. We will have to have a new name for the area and get some ideas

for educational classes, etc.

3) Outside Entities

a) It was reported that contact has been re-established between Tri-Isle and the Board.

b) Contact with sister community garden Hali’imaile.

c) We had a discussion about the insurance policy. NCG is under an umbrella policy with

Hail’imaile and as mentioned above, the policy renews in November.

4) Water

a) A new pressure regulator/relief valve is in place, and this will help keep blow outs from

happening in the garden. Problems right now are primarily outside the garden and some

problems are simply due to old and thin wall pipes blowing up.

b) Backups for repairs and filter clean out: Antonio, Charlie, Dave and Jamie. Dwayne is in

contact with Wes and will continue to advise him of problems that we have.

c) Wes has shared with Garden Council members and Dwayne that if it is human error (i.e., if

someone messes with the valves up the hill), then it is NCG’s responsibility for repairs. If it’s

wear and tear on the pipes outside the garden, then it is not NCG’s responsibility.

d) A question was brought up about what repairs we have actually paid for in the past that might

have been outside of the garden itself. Taressa indicated that she would look into bills for

repairs, etc.


1) Membership

a. We are currently planning for midyear garden promotions and new memberships – only

10 x 20 plots will be made available and a price for mid-year of $40 was discussed.

b. Josie and Steve will be working on flyers and promotions.

c. Ananda is administering our Facebook account and we will work on having the website

linked to Facebook. The Facebook account is public, so people should be able to see it

without being a Facebook member.

d. Waiting list for 20 x 20 plots to start with current members who are interested. There was

some discussion about whether or not to allow gardeners to purchase two 10 x 20 plots to

serve as a 20 x 20 plot. The biggest problem with that is the price is different for two 10 x

20’s vs. one 20 x 20 plot. It was shared that we will most likely expand the area by the

toilet to 20 x 20 plots, and Dwayne shared that he has most of the parts to extend water

to that area.

2) Garden Relations

a. The Board is updating Rules & Regulations, Orientation Packets/Liability Waivers, Board

job descriptions and so forth for current use/conditions. It was noted that not just one

person should dictate the rules.

b. Current board members: Chairman – Taressa, Vice Chairman – John, Treasurer – Jamie,

Secretary- Brenda, Membership – Josie, Work Groups/Volunteers – Robert. John and

Brenda have shared that they have limited time availability, so if someone comes along

that would like to take over the position, that’s fine. Both will continue to help as they



1) Do we want to combine main July orientation with and open house and potluck? The general

feeling is that it would be a good idea.

2) We will be implementing a new workday structure.

a. We would like to add more days & times for community work, such as a Wednesday

afternoon/early evening to accommodate different work schedules.

b. Projects will be determined by the Board. Members may volunteer for specific projects

via Robert. Current work will be concentrated in the entry corridor in preparation for the

July membership drive (just the one main path, not the other, and the triangular area at

the front).

i. It was noted that the Hana Botanical Gardens might be able to donate some

breadfruit trees for the area up in front. Apparently they sometimes do that type

of thing.

c. Members whose schedules do not permit attendance at community workdays may

contact Robert for alternative job assignments. There was some discussion about

assigning members a job if they don’t sign up for one.

3) As noted above, we will be actively collecting ideas for classes and community outreach projects

to implement in place of former New Earth space. Maybe a pumpkin patch (Atlantic Giants)

would be fun, but it was shared that the soil would need to be treated and they would need to

be planted fairly soon.

4) Concerns/Questions/Suggestions

a. We talked about following through with building a greenhouse in the space by the

current shade structure.

b. Dwayne shared that we are still hoping to put in a clean-up station at the bottom of the hill

close to the gate. Along those lines, we also talked about the bulletin board structure in

that area as well. Robert indicated he would provide an estimate to build such a

structure. One side not in the direct sun would be good so the papers/notices don’t fade

so quickly. Robert, Steve and Dwayne to discuss location, etc. Decided to set aside $200

to $400 as needed to complete the task.

c. Parking was brought up. Per Taressa, no discussion on parking today. It was felt it was

too lengthy a discussion for the meeting.

d. Steve asked if there had been rule changes we should know about. This led to a brief

discussion on smoking. People have been smoking in the garden and it was made know that previous council members have provided incorrect information to some smokers regarding the rules. Clarification was provided: the rules state that smoking is prohibited in the garden, as are alcohol and drugs. It was noted that all gardeners are to maintain a healthy and respectful environment for all.

5) Current Workday – Robert invited people to the entry way to start clearing the entry and path


Meeting adjourned at approximately 9:00 a.m.


General Meeting of the Napili Community Garden

April 27, 2013 – 8:00 a.m.

click on link below to read

April 27 2013 Meeting Minutes





General Meeting of the Napili Community Garden

March 30, 2013 – 8:00 a.m.

Click on link below to read

March 30 2013 Meeting Minutes

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