2012 Photos

Mahalo to those who shared these 2012 Napili Community Garden pictures.

Please send  your photos to share with all the gardeners…. email them to napiligarden@gmail.com

Everything great takes hard work and a little fun too… weeding the plot.
Welcome to the Napili Community Garden
We love the rainbows here because they mean lots of good moisture.

Digging the trenches for the water lines on “Give Back” day in January. Thanks Dave for handling the heavy machinery.
Digging the trenches for the water lines for the I/J  & K/L Lines.  January 2012 Give Back Day
You just can’t beat the view at twilight. Give Back Day January 2012
Auntie Bee and Manuel weeding the burm on Give Back  Day February 25, 2012
Beautiful sunsets abound up here.
Sugar Snap Peas… yummy

We love our little visitors to the garden..
It takes a lot of hard, back aching work to farm these plots, one shovel at a time we are getting there.
All of this rain has left the area around us so green… quite inspiring for all of us growers.
We all have different methods of treating our soil for planting. This gardener is using gypsum and dolomite to break up that clay and neutralize the soil acidity.

table area gets chips 3-30-12 garden teamwork 6-29-12 Ananda beautiful garden and garden member citrus trees already producing collecting pigeon peas for berm fishpond aquaculture IMG_4800 IMG_4807 IMG_4951 IMG_5031 IMG_5240 IMG_5263 llikoi vine lots of papaya marigolds bring in the bees and ward off the fruitflies recycled cork as label special touches to the garden

Please share your thoughts with the community

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